The world needs healers now more than ever. Are you ready to answer the call?

Conscious Clarity

Reiki Level 1 Certification Course


Reiki (pronounced "ray-key") is universal life force energy.

Reiki is a healing practice with many benefits. The universal life force energy is channeled through the hands of the practitioner to calm, detoxify, reduce stress, and support physical, emotional, and mental well-being.

Reiki can benefit everyone!

Have you ever felt like you need a little boost? When you are bogged down by negative energy like stress, anxiety, or physical pain, you aren't living your best life. 


Are looking for a way to increase your get back to a place of peace, calm, and inner wellness? Do you want to support the holistic health and well being of the people you love?

Reiki is a beautiful tool that is waiting to assist you on your journey to the best version of you.

Reiki is inside all of us!

When you take your Reiki Level 1 Certification course, you are simply unlocking the healing potential that is naturally within you. And now you can learn at your own pace, on your own schedule!

Learn about this gentle, non-invasive healing technique that can be used for

self-healing, as well as supporting loved ones including children, the elderly, and pets in the Conscious Clarity Online Reiki Course!


Tuition is $222 and includes:


  •  5 video lessons that you can watch at your own pace

  • a reiki manual and workbook with journal prompts

  • continued support and learning from the Conscious Clarity Reiki Circle private Facebook group

  • a 1:1 attunement with your instructor so that you have the opportunity to ask questions and receive a personal initiation to your healing journey

  • a BONUS lesson: Using Reiki to Balance the Chakras

  • a guided meditation to prepare you to give and receive reiki



Here is what you can expect from your course:

Introduction: Everything is energy 

What is Reiki 

The History of Reiki 

The Five Precepts of Reiki Healing 

The Reiki Attunements 

The Reiki Power Symbol 


Reiki Healing Sessions 

Reiki in Everyday Life 

This Reiki Level 1 Certification Course is for you if:

You are serious about learning how to be a reiki healer

You want to support the health and well being of yourself and the people you love

You are willing to realize your potential to heal yourself

You want to become more in tune with your intuition

You are ready to join a welcoming community of healers and lightworkers

You are comfortable with self-paced online learning

You are willing to reach out for help if you need support

This course is NOT for:

Anyone looking for a quick reiki attunement without taking the time to study reiki principles

Anyone not comfortable using online forms of communication such as Zoom

Anyone wanting to learn reiki to "fix" people

Anyone who is not able to motivate themselves to complete the course material

Learning reiki has been one of the greatest blessings of my life and I am so excited to share it with you! To learn more about my reiki journey and how I use reiki in my every day life, click here.

If you have questions, please email me or message me on Facebook!


Let's make magic together!

Love and Light,